wisely hidden in the green of the park



At the end of the footpath following the river is the green cottage COUGOIR. This impressive cottage has its own vast and southeast facing terrace and is shaped like a pentagon, original isn’t it? As soon as you enter, through the large bay window, a soothing lavender smell seizes you. It’s the lavender chaff used in the insulation. This is proof that the serenity of the place will be the key element in your stay here.

Its living room is bathed with a stunning light.

Converted as a loft, its large rooms will charm you. Here in the COUGOIR cottage, it’s kind of like the caste life: a canopy bed which promises magical nights, a small mezzanine floor tucked into the framework of the cottage, like a small and comfortable nest.

Its green construction diffuses a serene and comforting atmosphere.

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CHATEUNEUF is most probably our most authentic accommodation. The green cottage CHAUTEUNEUF is for a part composed of dressed stone walls and for the other part of a small mill which used to be fed by the steam ruining by it. The ceiling, stripped of all pretentiousness, shows the clay tiles, symbols of the Provence. CHATEAUNEUF also has an extension made of Douglas fir wood from Ardèche, offering a bright living room and a sleeping space with its en suite bathroom.

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Contemporary, that’s the trademark for the LA VIGNE green cottage. This means clean lines, a living space opened to the outside and an omnipresent light, this makes it a “smart” and charming accommodation. Each space is optimized to provide maximal comfort to the guests. Its south facing terrace is flooded with sun light. Every materials used in the construction are ecological and safe and sound materials like lime plaster or a green roof, and they provide a comfort and feeling of wellness to any guest that spend some time there.

This cottage benefits from an ultimate location, tucked into a vegetal talus, even the fresh breezes won’t disturb you.

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