three bedrooms on the second floor of the mas dominate the parklands



Nestled in the heart of the farmhouse’s patio, ideal for a « cocooning break », the TILLEUL Bedroom offers two terraces, one lined with numerous roses bushed and shaded by an impassive olive tree. Time has left its mark on the old trunk, above which the light gray-green foliage shivers like small feathers.

One will have to wait until October or November to count the numerous olives that will adorn this elegant tree, a symbol of the unique olive oil of the Nyons County.

The bedroom is complemented by a romantic reading corner, a fully equipped kitchenette which will allow you to indulge in the delicious local products with flavors of the Provencal Sun.

This little nest, meant to be shared by two, is wonderfully cozy and oh-so-adorable.

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la drôme

This large room is tucked into the framework of the mas. Its large roof windows offer both a warming natural light and a discrete view of the hills planted with apricot and olive trees. This room is like a comfy nest. LA DROME also have its own bathroom and can receive an additional bed. Perfect if you plan to stay with your child or with a friend. It’s also connected with the ST PONS lodge and so, can receive a small family.

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All the nature, at your fingertips…

This unique room can be share with up to 4 people. It is decorated with natural materials like woods and lime coat, painted with shimmering colours that will inspire you. You will be able to immerse yourself in a fulfilling nature, let go and fully live in the moment

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