your holiday destination, where to create your holidays


on the garden’s side

The hosting hamlet LA ROSERAIE DROME, similar to a small holiday village, lets at your disposal 2,5 hectares of park so that you fully enjoy the generous soil of Provence. In this flourishing nature, the only trace of men’s passage are the rose bushes, which only add to the beauty and the exclusivity of the place.

The Patio is also at your disposal, and is situated right in the middle of the estate. The swimming pool will make a cool spring, a hot summer and a languorous autumn even sweeter.

You will be able to live immersed in this delicate nature, and enjoy the unique view of the landscapes punctuated by the sunny mountains of the land of NYONS.


the guest house

The Mas, key venue of the hamlet, hosts, on the second floor, three of our guest rooms. The ST PONS lodge, and its living room on the ground floor, is the heart of the life at the hamlet.

The grand entrance hall, where are located the Corner shop and the Barn, light up thanks to its large solarium, can host and adapt itself to all types of events.

A beautiful house that radiate with the atmosphere of holidays. It welcomes you with open arms, make yourself at home.


in the vicinity

No one could ever get bored in such a fantastic place. Whether you are a sport lover or if you simply enjoy visiting places, whether you are with your family or with friends, you’ll always have something to experience. Experiences that will bring eyes bright with happiness and real smiles on your faces, experiences that will bring you joy.

Your holidays in the Drome are like old childhood memories of the holidays you have spent at your grandparents’ house. All those reassuring smells, all those bright colours, all those warm nights, all the songs of cricket you’ve heard, you can rediscover them here, you can get the joyful carelessness of your childhood back, even if it only for the duration of your stay. This is what the Drôme has to offer.